BusArrival App 讓你掌握九巴(包括九龍巴士、龍運巴士及陽光巴士 NR331、NR331S 線)的服務資訊,包括路線資料、時間表、路線圖(適用於個別路線)、以及絕大部份路線之預計到站時間。

BusArrival App allows you to obtain the service information of KMB (including KMB, LWB & Sun Bus NR331, NR331S services), from Route Information, Timetable, Route Map (available on some routes), to ETA for most of the routes.


✅ 查閱路線及停站列表

✅ 查閱時間表

✅ 查閱車站資料

✅ 查閱預計到站時間

❌ 在你趕急時顯示全版廣告


✅ Checking Routes and Stop List

✅ Checking Timetable

✅ Checking Stop Information

✅ Checking Estimated Time of Arrival

❌ Showing Annoying Full-screen Ads




Estimated Time of Arrival is obtained from transportation operators, the Application shall bear no responsibility for any incorrectness. Furthermore, the Application shall bear no responsibility for any loss from users (including but not limited to delay of journey, loss of data and damage of devices).

下載 Download:

iOS / macOS /watchOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/busarrival/id1560800937

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.johnlamhc.BusArrivalRevamp